SUNSHINE LUMI 智能LED燈條 LED Smart Light Bars (黑色Black) (一盒兩件)

– Model No. 型號: BS-PC30-56L

– Wi-Fi Connection連接 (No need connect with bridge 無需連橋接器)

– 直接可利用SUNSHINE LUMI手機應用程式控制多達1600 萬種RGB彩色光效,可調光暗,場景模式,語音控制,遠程控制,定時開關                           (Directly use the SUNSHINE LUMI mobile app to control up to 16 million RGB color light affects, dimmable, scene mode, voice control, remote control, timer switch)

– Wattage 瓦數:8W

– 為私人家居影院、電競遊戲娛樂、派對房間慶祝場所營造舒適環境的智能氣氛燈。                                                                                                                               (Smart Light Bar that creates a comfortable environment for private home theaters, gaming entertainment, party room celebrations.)

– 包裝附送固定底座和雙面膠帶,可將SUNSHINE LUMI智能燈條安裝於牆壁,電視,螢幕後面,直立放置 或 平放在任何平面地方上,打造亮麗背光效果。                   (The package included light bar base and double-sided tape, you can install the SUNSHINE LUMI smart light bar on the wall, TV, behind the screen, stand upright or lay it flat on any flat surface to create a bright backlight effect.)